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SEED - Summer Program

Good Ground Good Life provides workforce training and service learning activities to  DOES Youth through the Mayor's Summer Youth Program. During the summer months, our organization focuses on providing soft skills training along with hard skills for career planning through our Social Entrepreneurship and Educational Development (SEED) Program. Youth are exposed to four phases of workforce development including technology based learning; soft skills training in communications, interpersonal skills and leadership; summer internships and project development for business planning. Each youth is given a service learning project to complete to maximize their understanding of how a business operates. This equips them with various skills to function successfully as an employee, manager and/ or business owner.


Our leadership component uses various teaching methods including artistic drawing, acting improvisation, music and creative expression through the arts. Youth build self confidence and use effective communication and teamwoork to achieve various learning objectives.


Our entrepreneurship component caters to the young adult with a business mindset, giving them multiple options for success.



3GL's Guiding Good Choices

Good Ground Good Life has partnered with the DC Prevention Center Wards 3 & 4 to launch 3GL's  Guiding Good Choices as part of the Department of Health's Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration state initiative to prevent underaged drinking and marijuana use.  The Guiding Good Choices Program is a nationally recognized, evidence-based prevention program for parents, which aims at strengthening family bonds to reduce the instances of underage drinking, drug use, violence and other delinquent behaviors among children.


3GL's Guiding Good Choices (GGC) provides parents with the knowledge and skills needed to guide their children through early adolescence.  It seeks to strengthen and clarify family expectations for behavior, enhance the conditions that promote bonding within the family, and teach skills that allow children to  resist drug use successfully. GGC is based on research that shows consistent, positive parental involvement is important to helping children resist substance abuse and other antisocial behaviors.  A longitudinal study of parents who participated in GGC had children, who as young adults were: 9% less likely to get drunk, 11% less likely to smoke cigarettes, 16% less likely to use illicit drugs, and 11% less likely to have alcohol related problems.  The program addresses preventing substance abuse in the family, setting clear family expectations regarding drugs and alcohol (and other delinquent behaviors), avoiding trouble, managing family conflict, and strengthening the family bond.


3GL Good Choices For Youth

Good Ground Good Life provides a supplemental youth program in conjuction with our Guiding Good Choices parent program. We provide 3GL's Good Choices for Youth (GCY), with informative presentations to children in grades 4th through 8th about the harmful effects of alcohol tobacco and other drugs.  We also provide positive alternate activities to protect youth from drug use.  The presentations utilizes fun and interactive ways to engage children which includes a video about drug use, open discussion, activities, and  guest speakers who provide his/her testimony about how drugs and alcohol has impacted their lives. GGC has partnered with A Drug Free World to provide literature and video segments on alcohol and drug use that have been used on a national platform. The workshops have been provided to several schools in Washington, D.C. Ward 4 schools and have been a favorite among students and teachers.  At the conclusion of our presentations, we encourage students to sign a  GCY pledge to be drug-free.



Twisting - Off Obesity

Good Ground Good Life supports the American Heart Association's mission to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease.  Our anti-obesity campaign, "Twisting Off Obesity" aims to reduce the incidences of obesity-related conditions, including heart disease and diabetes.  Obesity is considered a major risk factor for both coronary heart disease and heart attacks.  Being 20% overweight or more significantly increases your risk for developing heart disease especially if you carry a lot of abdominal fat.  The American Heart Association has found that even if you have no other related health conditions, obesity itself increases risk of heart disease.  According to the Center for Disease Control, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and is a major cause of disability accounting for nearly 30% all U.S. deaths.


We provide programs to both youth and young adults through our Healthy Lifestyles Physical Health and Wellness campaign (also known as "Twisting Off Obesity) through outreach in the community and teaching healthy eating habits, exercise and fitness workshops in summer camps and schools.  The "Twist Off Obesity" campaign is specifically designed to combat childhood obesity and obesity-related conditons and has been showcased at 26 venues throughout the past few summers including the XIX International AIDS Conference, American Diabetes Association's Victory Over Diabetes 2012, Pep Rally for Peace in the Streets, Howard University Hospital's Health Fair, Unity Medical Center's Health Summit, Councilmember Barry's Ward 8 Back to School  event, Muriel Bowser Ward 4 Community Day event,  Howard University's Career Fair, DPR Fall Professional Development Conference at Arena Stage, The Health Pavilion at Washington Convention Center's "For Siser's Only" Expo, and Macy's shop for a cause event.     


Rock The Block            Outreach

GGGL uses an innovative outreach and marketing initiative called " Rock the Block" (RTB). RTB utilizes community venues to disseminate information and resources throughout inner-city communites. Rock the Block tackles sensitive issues such as sex and sexuality, substance abuse,  domestic violence and youth gang involvement. RTB simulates a "Block Party", using music poetry and cyphers to draw attention particularly from the hard to serve community and involve them in discussions on protection, prevention and intervention. During outreach events, GGGL brings the services to the community, through on-the-spot education by way of literature dissemination, mini-information sessions and activity classes.


During Rock the Block, we use forums, community events and speaking engagements to provide the community and its members with information on prevalent issues including causes, actions, solutions and consequences. Our advertising mobile campaign is used as an outreach vehicle using eye catching graphics;  equipped with a microphone, mixer, and speakers.


Rock the Block has provided marketing and outreach for Department of Health (HAHSTA), Department of Employment Services (DOES), Cricket Wireless and the African American Festival in Baltimore, Maryland.


Next Level Gaming Gun Violence Prevention Initiative

  Good Ground Good Life, Inc.  and Next Level Gaming will be teaming up to provide safe, innovative, and creative learning opportunities for youth living in the nations Capital.  This program initiative is a way to encourage youth in positive and competitive actitivies which can foster skill building, team work, and mutual respect.  Our foucs is to reduce the instances of gun violence within the inner-cities.



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